Spill Response

Our Team

The clean up of environmental waste is performed by an EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM at all sites. The team consists of certified technicians specially trained in the handling and management of a wide variety of toxicants. A specially equipped emergency response van, which contains equipment and supplies required for a cleanup, is on call 24 hours a day. 


We establish a health and safety program for all clean-up projects to ensure the protection of our workers and the public. Safety meetings are conducted on the job site, and each site is inspected for safety and quality of service on a daily basis. 


We are capable of recovering both liquid and solid wastes which are discharged onto land or water surfaces. Solid recovery equipment includes a large inventory of heavy excavation equipment and a fleet of licensed transports. Vacuum trucks are on call for recovery and transport of liquid waste. Storage tanks and pumps are mobilized on site where recovered liquids may be stored prior to final disposal. 


All handling and disposal of hazardous and toxic waste are subject to the technical requirements of a complex set of environmental regulation. It's common for projects to be under the direction of federal, state, and county officials simultaneously. We are responsible for the required testing, permits, monitoring, and follow-up reports to each agency, if needed.